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Lemon Laws
were enacted to protect consumers from products that are plagued with serious defects. If an item cannot be satisfactorily repaired within a certain timeframe — usually within the warranty period - or if the item is not as good as new after so many repairs, it is considered a "lemon."

Consumers who find themselves stuck with lemons can find redress through lemon laws. Each state has its own version of these laws and requires consumers to take certain actions in order to remedy the situation.

There are different lemon laws that cover a wide array of products. For example, if you purchase or lease a vehicle, which subsequently develops one or more defects within the first year of purchase, that vehicle would likely be covered by your state's lemon law regarding new vehicles. The defect must be significant, and must be something that severely affects the safety, operation, or value of your vehicle.
Like most laws, lemon laws differ by state, so examine local guidelines carefully to determine what action you need to take to protect your investment.

A standard rule is that any vehicle that is not in working order for 30 days or more, or any vehicle that has required repair of the same defect on more than four occasions within the first year of purchase, is covered by a lemon law.

Some manufacturers will attempt to convince you that you waived your rights when you signed the purchase or lease contract, because of a clause that was inserted into the agreement. Any such clause or waiver is invalid, and lemon laws still apply in full force.

The manufacturer may also try to persuade you to engage in mediation rather than going to court. You are not required to participate unless the process complies with rules set out by the Federal Trade Commission. In some states, you must use mediation before suing under lemon laws, if the process is certified by that state's Department of Transportation. Even then, you are not required to accept any settlement that does not satisfy you.

As with most legal matters, it is wise to consult with a licensed, competent attorney in your area that knows the details of the law. Many lemon law attorneys offer free consultations, and do not charge a fee unless you win the case.

They even seek attorney's fees from the manufacturer, and the fees are usually granted to the prevailing party.

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New York Car Accident Lawyer Gives Advice for Commuters

New York Car Accident Lawyer Gives Advice for Commuters

Many people that live in New Jersey take advantage of the close proximity to New York City. The drawing to New Jersey comes from the lower cost of living while being able to preserve the suburban family living along with good school districts. However, with all of the people populating New Jersey coming from all corners of the world, some barriers are present that other states don’t have to deal with. New Jersey is not only a melting pot but it also serves as a large chemical and oil refineries.

This brings a whole different health factor to the state that is none like any other. When commuting to NYC from New Jersey certain risks is apparent that come along with the commute. Jurisdiction issue come into play when constantly dealing with crossing the New Jersey and New York state lines twice a day for thousands of commuters per day. New York car accident lawyers are urging commuters to be extra careful when on the road, for people are usually rushing.

Morning and after work rush hour also pose certain threats for commuters that would normally not be present in other parts of the country. The fact of the matter is that form people that live in New Jersey there are only two ways to get into the city, the Lincoln Tunnel and the George Washington Bridge. If any type of back up occurs in the tunnel or on the bridge, you can be sure that hours of back up will occur. In order to avoid these types of happenings New York car accident lawyers are urging people to remain calm and not to bring aggression on the road.

Road rage plagues many drivers, but it is especially apparent for commuters from New Jersey to New York City. Whether it is the fact that this long commute happens on a daily basis or that inexperienced drivers clog up the roads, road rage is the number one factor that attributes to car accidents during the commute. Staying cool, calm, and relaxed is a sure way to avoid an auto accident because people that are angered and rushing tend to forgo proper driving skills. New York car accident lawyers see so many instances where lawsuits are involved because severe damage or injury is result of the auto accident.

Commuters should be aware that by leaving an extra 10 -15 minutes earlier will reduce the risk of getting into an accident by 20%. However there are other times that you can do nothing to avoid an auto accident because it comes at the sheer fault of the other driver. In instances like these where severe damage or injury is involved, one must contact a New York car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Another important thing to do is to take pictures of the damaged car, area, and injuries as soon as possible so that no evidence in compromised. A New York car accident lawyer will be able to stand up for you in a court of law and start your path to justice.

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